Live in a castle form another era
Get in touch with nature
Immerse your sense in a state of well-being
Hotel con Spa in Umbria

Leaving the main road you have the sensation of immersing yourself in a different era, where time seems to have stopped.

Surrounded by splendid paths and a unique panorama, the Castello di Baccaresca is an untouched place away from the noise of the city, where it’s possible to reconnect with nature.

The rooms in the Castle differ in size and style, but they all share a meticulous attention to detail. Every corner of the Castle is enriched with monumental fireplaces, fascinating exposed beams, and frescoes that tell stories of a bygone era. It is the perfect location for a fabulous and relaxing stay.


The emotion of sleeping in a unique and special place, capable of giving relaxation and well-being.

The Castle

Spa & Wellness

A lovely stay

Umbria seems to have something sweet about it, while being grandiose and romantic at the same time

At the Baccaresca Castle and in the adjacent areas, there are several activities to be carried out which offer you many truly unique experiences.

Whether it’s outdoor or indoor activities, you are guaranteed to have a good time. All of these possible experiences are only enriched by an incredible spectacle of thousands of colors, reflected on the Umbrian hills and which vary according to the seasons.


Discover all the events you can organize in the Baccaresca Castle. Immerse yourself in the magic.

The Restaurant

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