Middle Ages at the Castle

A journey through time

In collaboration with
Middle Ages Academy,
since last May 2022, we inaugurated the experiential offer dedicated to medieval culture with a
series of proposals aimed at involving guests in typical activities of the time.

Knightly training
Participants try their hand at experimenting with the different combat weapons of the twelfth century,
putting themselves in the role of a squire who aspires to become a Knight.

Monastery arts
Participants immerse themselves in the atmosphere and times of an ancient medieval scriptorium,
learning basics techniques of medieval calligraphy and the binding of a manuscript.

Medieval cuisine
Making a medieval meal in the courtyard of an ancient castle with slow rhythms, the methods of
preparation and cooking on a high fire and the use of raw materials collected from the earth: tastes,
styles and knowledge to combine and propose flavors and moods in a a time when food was the first medicine.
An intense journey into the culinary culture of the Middle Ages intersects with the preparation of
 a succulent meal to be shared among the participants.

Medieval games
For adults and children, a playful circuit where you can experiment with strategy games,
street games and juggling games for a fun and dynamic afternoon.

New Year 2022/2023
The next appointment to experiment, live and deeply know the lifestyle of the time is for 12/31/2022 in which,
for the New Year celebrations, there is a dinner with medieval dishes and themed entertainment activities.
In the splendid setting of a castle built in the twelfth century, it will be possible to participate, if provided and if interested,
wearing medival clothes to spend an evening full of fun and to relive the atmosphere of
a time that has already passed and celebrating the new!